Martin Luther King dedication

Hello everyone, may your image be art to someone! I just returned home from the Martin Luther King Memorial dedication. My feet hurt, my bad knee hurts. I went hungry most of the day and braved the metro crowds to get there and back. I have to tell you, it was worth every wince from pain and hunger pang to be there and witness thousands of people paying tribute the man whose legacy most embodies what America stands for. Yes, more so than its founders, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life to the struggle for Liberty that was for so long and in many was still is, reserved for some and metered to others. Today’s event, Saturday, was primarily for the gathering of people for the symbolic march from the Washington monument staging area down to the King Memorial located southeast of the Lincoln Memorial. Several hundred people were already there when I arrived at 11AM. I got a lot of great shots of the crowd (hoping to capture the energy in their image), guest speakers and a few…just special moments. No other way to say it. The monument itself is beautiful. I particularly like the way MLK is carved out of a slice of the mountain and stands out in front of it. There’s also a granite wall with MLK quotes from different time periods. All things considered, one of the most exhausting, exciting and rewarding days of my life as a photographer. I turned 8 years old the day after the “I Have a Dream” speech so I can’t say I remember much about it or the time but I’m so grateful for Martin and so many others whose sacrifices gave rise to the possibility for that little girl to be free to choose to do what I do. Here are a few photographs from today, enjoy……

Martin Luther King


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