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Welcome to Image Art by Simone. I’ve been a photographer for over thirty years. Most of my work has been in the entertainment industry for record companies and celebrity clients. However, I’m also available for private or public events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, club and restaurant openings, or whenever you require a photographer to capture you, your loved ones or your business in the best possible light. I believe a camera can create visual art just like paint on a canvas. A lot of my work, particularly the abstract, was shot with that goal in mind.

I’m available for travel in the New York and DC region for a Saturday or Sunday shoot. Special arrangements can be made for any assignment requiring more than one day.

I will try and keep this blog updated with news of my photo shoots, events and samples of my Art. Thank you for visiting Image Art By Simone, please spread the word and…enjoy!!

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Image Art By Simone “Sip n Shoot”

Save the date, come and enjoy an early evening of networking, refreshments and great head shots with us at Image art by Simone. 

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Image Art By Simone Grand Opening June 1st 2013


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Model Call June 1st 2013

Image Art By Simone Photography partners with URCity Cuties and URCity Magazine. Great opportunity, come on out and show us how uniquely Baltimore Beautiful you are.

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Martin Luther King dedication

Hello everyone, may your image be art to someone! I just returned home from the Martin Luther King Memorial dedication. My feet hurt, my bad knee hurts. I went hungry most of the day and braved the metro crowds to get there and back. I have to tell you, it was worth every wince from pain and hunger pang to be there and witness thousands of people paying tribute the man whose legacy most embodies what America stands for. Yes, more so than its founders, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life to the struggle for Liberty that was for so long and in many was still is, reserved for some and metered to others. Today’s event, Saturday, was primarily for the gathering of people for the symbolic march from the Washington monument staging area down to the King Memorial located southeast of the Lincoln Memorial. Several hundred people were already there when I arrived at 11AM. I got a lot of great shots of the crowd (hoping to capture the energy in their image), guest speakers and a few…just special moments. No other way to say it. The monument itself is beautiful. I particularly like the way MLK is carved out of a slice of the mountain and stands out in front of it. There’s also a granite wall with MLK quotes from different time periods. All things considered, one of the most exhausting, exciting and rewarding days of my life as a photographer. I turned 8 years old the day after the “I Have a Dream” speech so I can’t say I remember much about it or the time but I’m so grateful for Martin and so many others whose sacrifices gave rise to the possibility for that little girl to be free to choose to do what I do. Here are a few photographs from today, enjoy……

Martin Luther King


Will I get a JOB


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A Legend

The music world has lost another great one. Nick Ashford of the wonderful and legendary Motown songwriting duo Ashford and Simpson, died Monday, August 22nd. Many of you may be surprised to know that Nick and Valerie, the “Solid As A Rock” couple wrote many of the “Hits” that hits are still judged by today. Diana Ross’, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand, Missing you.” If you’re old enough to remember Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell crooning “You’re All I Need To Get By” and “Ain’t Nothing Like THe Real Thing”, you were listening to the heart and soul of Nick and Valerie. When Ray Charles and Joe Cocker told us to “Let’s Go Get Stoned” and Whitney and Chaka declared “I’m Every Woman.” Yep That was Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson. I’d seen them around from time to time over the years but didn’t know Valerie or Nick personally…that is beyond all that wonderful music we all know!! I know it’s cliche’ but he will be missed and as long as music is played, we’ll hear from Nick Ashford. I had the opportunity to shoot them in concert in Atlanta a couple of years ago….I’m glad I did.

A Legend, Motown, Nick & Val Simpson,

A Legend


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Colors of Life

The next event was especially important to me because it focused exclusively on photography. The event was called the “Colors of Life” and was hosted by the Gallery Serengeti, a fine art gallery with works from African influenced cultures. All the work in this exhibit was from a photography organization I am a member of called The Exposure Group. The pieces selected for the exhibit were juried by senior members of the group. I submitted three pieces from which two were selected. I felt very enthused by the support we received, the gallery was packed. True, the gallery isn’t that big but, it is a gallery and people were there shoulder to shoulder to see, and we photographers hoped, purchase our work. The gallery catered food for the event and everyone had a great time. Both of my pieces selected were abstract. One was a random shot I took while taking a break during a photo shoot of the “Men in the Kitchen” event in Columbia Maryland. It’s the inside ceiling which is partially glass. The other selection was actually a picture of the Lincoln memorial, with a twist. I’m not going to tell you what the twist is, but I’d be happy to hear what you think it might be. Here it is…photography by Simone Green

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Ween Summer Academy 2011

I was visiting my longtime friend Lauren Lake and family in New Jersey for the celebration of her son’s first birthday. Another attendee, Sabrina Thompson asked me if I would speak at the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network, WEEN Academy. Lauren is a founding member of the nonprofit organization and Sabrina is Vice Chair. Lauren had recently addressed the group of young women who aspire for careers in entertainment currently attending the academy. When she talked about networking and breaking into the business, she mentioned that I introduced her to Dr. Dre and others in the business when she moved to LA. Lauren and I have been friends since we met in college at Wayne State in Detroit. Sabrina thought it would be a great idea to have me speak to the group because of the tie in to Lauren. Both our experiences gave real life examples of how women can network and help each other further their careers. I agreed to stay over and speak to the group Monday morning. In spite of my jitters, I thought it went really well. I met a group of fiercely focused and determined young women. There were even a couple of aspiring photographers in the group. I think it’s important for women interested in careers in entertainment to know what resources are out there.WEEN Academy, photographed by Simone Green-English

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